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Fonzie's Little Black Book of Chicks


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Happy Days

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Want to be a part of Fonzie's Little Black Book? Well, now you can! Simply send me an email and I will automatically add you to his book of chicks! Theres only one rule: (You're not gonna be his fiance, just his chick!) You have to be a chick! Sounds easy? Good. Then email me with the following filled out:
Number: (fake one obviously!)
Quote/Something about you that makes you stick out from all his other chicks:
Rating: (This will be rated by me! The more you stand out from the rest, the better the rating.)
Email me: In the subject just put "I Want To Be A Fonzette."

Is SHE Fonzette material??
(Thanks Becky!)

Maybe she is!!
(Thanks Dezzy)

Crystal (MissConanOBrien)
Rating: 5 (of course..I made this site for Fonzie!)
Loves Fonzie, but her heart is for Richie
Sheryl (AnimalCrackers)
Rating: 5 (her idea!)
She loves Inspiration Point and water for cooling off.
Rating: 4
Loves music, especially Elvis and Fabian
Rating: 3
Loves the beach and watching Fonzie jump the sharks
Jessica (FonzFan)
Rating: 5
I love the Fonz and can't wait for an inspiration at Inspiration Point!!!!!!!!!

Name: Daisy
Rating: 5
Am the only one of Fonzie's dates who spent the entire evening dreaming about Potsie
Likes: Potsie, Potsie, Potsie
Dislikes: Anything that's not Potsie and people who insult Potsie.

Name: Michelle
Rating: 5
Number: 555-0808
You can find me hanging out in the corner booth at Arnolds with Joanie, going
over majorette moves before the next practice. In my spare time I intern at
WWOW and work part time at Bronco's Garage, waxing anything that's crome, and
taking messages for my number 1 crush, Fonzie.

Name: CollegeGirl (Melissa)
Rating: 6. Shes Fonzies ONLY 6 Star Girl!!
Number: 555- 7365
My pastimes include spending time with Fonzie, spending time with Fonzie's bike, and.....did I mention spending time with Fonzie? Also, there is a nasty rumor going around that I hurt Fonzie's other chicks.  Let me just say, none of them experience any pain when they are pushed over cliffs. Now, I can't control what happens to them when they land.

Name: Katie Macy
Rating: 5 
Phone: KL5-1958
Average height 5' 6", Dark brown hair with burgundy highlights, Nice, knows how to have fun and loyal, Loves living in the city. New Yorker attending UVW, looking for off campus housing.



Thanks to: AnimalCrackers (Sheryl) for this amazing idea! A true Fonzette!