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Happy Days
ThE BaTHro0m WaLL

Squiggy says it all.

Wa wa wa!
Wah wah wah!


This is a page where we get to interact. Below is a message board where you write your words of wisdom which will then be placed on the guys bathroom wall. If you dont contribute, you might as well SIT ON IT!

Mad at someone, or did someonejust rub you the wrong way? Well, just tell them to sit on it! Email me @ with SIT ON IT in the subject and tell me who you want to sit on it! When I get enough Sit On It's, Ill post them up here!

Sit On It! SIT ON IT!

They started it on Happy Days and it became a trend you can say it to your brother (Sit on it, Richie), or to your brothers friend (Sit on it, Malph). When your mothers really angry she can say it to your Pop (Sit on it, Howard), or you can stand up to the law and say it to a nasty cop (Sit on it, Kirk), saying it in unison it always lots of fun (Sit on it, Marvin!), a loving father even says it to his son (Richard, *Yeah Dad* go to the field, *Uh huh* and SIT ON IT). You feel good when you say it to a date who is a dope (Sit on it, Spike), or indirectly say it to comedian Bob Hope (Ah, Bob Hope can sit on it!). It would always be appropriate to say it to someone smelly, but never EVER say it to Arthur Fonza(Sit on it, Fonzie--AYYY!)-relli!!!!!!!!!!!! SIT ON IT!


Richie: I guess she went back to where the wind begins.
Marion: Chicago!


Thanks Pat!