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Happy Days


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How To Win Women

Take this down, fellas. Thought you knew how to win a chick? Well, guess again. Fonzie's here to tell you that you're doing it all wrong. He's got full-proof advice no one could mess up-well, except for maybe Potsie (but more on that later)- so start getting ready for date-filled weekends and soon enough you'll be up at Inspiration Point, moving on up to the Alamo.

Take this down boys.
How can you fail when the Fonz teaches you?

How to Win Women.
Phase 1. music, poetry, some champagne
Phase 2. Anything she likes, you like- anything she hates, you hate
Phase 3. drop a couple hints that you might be willing (Phase 4).
Phase 5. That chick's father is coming up the stairs, run for your life