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Happy Days
Fonzie for President!


Fonzies Guide to Being Cool
The Original King Of Comedy
You're Such A Potsie!
The Band
Inspiration Point
Potsie & Ralph: Milwaukee's Top Bachelors
Wanna Be A Fonzette?
Enter: The Twilight Zone
Happy Days Mafia
Seize & Destroy: Facts Of Life
Cunningham Hardware
I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar!
Past Present, & Future
Rent: $60/Month
Milwaukee Journal
Spike & Chachi: The Great Debate
Jerry Springer: The Happy Days Story
Election: 2002
Pieces Of You
ThE BaTHro0m WaLL
Thumbs Up
Extra! Extra!

Fonzie For President!!

Vote Fonzie!
Vote Fonzie!
Finally, a man that can be trusted. Arthur Fonzarelli- AKA The Fonz. Somehow, someway, The Fonz has found a way to beat the odds through politics. A man who is for equal rights, making the motorcycle the National Vehicle, and drag races. He also believes anything can be solved with a quick snap of the finger or a kiss on the cheek. Never being married, he has had many girlfriends, and who knows if there will ever be a First Lady to stand next to The Fonz. But for now, just hold your head up high, and salute.... The Fonz.
Just the 4 powerful men during vacation!
Lets make the bike the #1 form of transportation!!
Just a man, and his bike..
Of course, the Presidential Office wouldnt be right without his friends. Lets meet the Vice President, Mr.Richard Cunningham. And, Potsie Treasurer. Ralph Malph the Secretary is sure going to bring a lot of humor to the White House. With all those bedrooms, surely Fonzie could invite some of his friends...

Maybe, just maybe, Miss Laverne DeFazio could be First Lady...
Possible scandal for the White House?!?!?
Lets just hope thats orange soda...
Where I go, SHIRLEY goes!
Thats MISS Bimbo..
Remember... Vote Fonzie!