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Happy Days
T-T-T-Tootie Goodbye, T-T-T-Tootie Dont Cry..


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You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both, and there you have one of the Happy Days Mafia biggest threats!


Batman and The Joker. Nancy and Tanya. Happy Days and Facts Of Life. These are all the great fights to go down in history. Happy Days and Facts Of Life? Yes, its true. For years, it was kept a secret, but it has finally come out of the closet *chuckles* that these two shows have had a long and tough battle. Which show is more popular? Which show has the best characters? Which show is funnier? Now, we all know its Happy Days, but for those who are split between the middle, here are some things that might change your mind. Who jumped over 14 cans? Fonzie. Who jumped over the shark? Fonzie. Who beat a French fencer? Fonzie. Fonzie, Fonzie, Fonzie. Funny, but I dont see a Tootie there. In fact, Facts Of Life RIPPED off Happy Days! Just take a look at these characters.
Natalie: Loved journalism. Richie: Loved jouralism.
Jo: A tough street kid who rode a bike. Fonzie: A tough street kid who rode a bike.
Tootie: Loved to gossip.. which often got her into trouble. Ralph: Always put his foot in his mouth by speaking to soon.
Blair: Self-centered and worshiped her hair. Sometimes an airhead. Potsie: Worshiped his teeth, and well, was a Potsie.

With that information, it is pretty obvious which one was the best. And if you said Facts Of Life, may you be locked in a closet with Chachi.