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Happy Days
Scoop Cunningham

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Tuesday July 31st 1956
Three young men were seen stealing a 1947 Chevy out of Michael Swanton's garage lastnight. Further investigation is being done right now to solve this crime. If you have any information about this please call the Milwaukee Journal or the police right away. The description of the Chevy as told by Michael is:
Red, with a little dent on the hood, blue fuzzy dice, and the front bumper is slightly angled to the left.  
Wednesday August 1st, 1956
Grand Poohbah of the Year Nominations have been announced, and here are the nominees:
Mickey Malph
Howard Cunningham
Al Delvecchio
Tom Dean
William March
Sam Young
Ronny Fine
Ricky Neil
Ray Dion
Robert Evres
Monday August 6th, 1956
Ronny Fine has been eliminated from the nominations. Ronny Fine was seen stealing car parts at Bronco's Garage lastnight. Total amount of damages to Bronco's: $98.47 No word on how he will be handled by court. He is also being arrested for breaking and entering. He could be fined for up to $125.00
Who will win? More *LIVE* coverage from Arnolds coming this week. Stay tuned to WOW and the Milwaukee Journal.
~Richie The C.
Tuesday August 13th, 1956
The Fish Is Selling?
Yes, Arnold- the fish IS selling, and its selling fast! Come on down to Arnolds now and get all the fish you can eat for only $1.25!!! What a price! What a fish! Dont forget to put on your bobby-socks and dance to the great tunes of..The Band!
Friday August 15th, 1956
Grand Poobah Of The Year Winner Revealed
Robert Evres is this years Grand Poobah of the Year. Runner ups were: Ricky Neil, Howard Cunningham, and William March. Mr.Neil would like to thank everyone for voting for him, he will not let anyone down. He is in the works of compromising with Officer Kirk.

Tuesday December 10th, 1956
Arnolds Concert!

Leather and The Suedes are back at Arnolds, to be there for 6pm to get the best seats! Only 50 cents a ticket! Come on down at 5pm and see the opening act.. The Band!

Wednesday January 15th, 1957
7th Annual Pizza Bowl Bowl-A-Thon. For the past 7 years, Frank DeFazio has hosted Milwaukee's  greatest bowl-a-thon. This year, stop by and play a few strings, you just might win! Fist prize: Free bowling and pizza for a year. 2nd prize: Free cheese pizza with your choice topping. $1 to play. All proceeds go to Frank DeFazio.

Monday January 27th, 1957
Elvis Look-A-Like Contest!
Got the hips? Got the clothes? Got the moves? If so, come on down to Arnolds at 6pm for the coolest contest of the year! First prize: 2 tickets to Lake Whitefish. 2nd prize: $25.

Community Calendar:
August 1st: 5th Annual Policemans Ball @ Pfister Hotel @ 6pm.
August 1st: Grand Poohbah of the Year Nominations Revealed
August 15th: Grand Poohbah of the Year Winner Revealed
August 16th: Library's Re-Grand Opening after renovation
August 23rd-25th: Multi-street yard sale
August 29th: End of summer parade sponsored by Cunningham Hardware and the Milwaukee Protestant Church. Festivities begin @ 4 at the town hall.
December 10th: Leather & The Suedes LIVE @ Arnolds. 50 Cent Admission
December 15th: Local food-drive. Please bring all canned goods to Town Hall.
December 20th: Arnolds Annual Christmas Jingle.
December 25th: Christmas!
January 1st: Happy New Year!
January 15th: Pizza Bowls Bowl-A-Thon. Bowl one, bowl twice, bowl your heart out!
January 27th: Arnolds Drive In Elvis Look-A-Like contest.

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Krepnic's Delicatessen would like everyone to know that this week they are having a sale on all bologna. All bolgna is now $0.35 a pound for this week only. Buy more than three pounds and get a half a pound of turkey for free.
Kreptnik's Foodpad Company would like to inform everyone that they are now hiring part-time and full-time. Starting rate is $1.75 an hour. Call 555-3278 for more information or pick up an application at Kreptnik's on 356 Westwood Street.

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