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Happy Days

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This page is just for you. Thats right, for you. Sumbit anything Happy Days related, and it goes right up here. Here are just some of the things you can contribute to this soon to be dazzling page: fanfic, personal stories, letters written from the cast members, your drawings, the possibilities are endless! So email me @ and put in the subject HAPPY DAYS. Or PM me on the Happy Days Message Board. My screename is: .:MilKnPepSi:. If you would like, IM me on AIM! My screename: xMilKnPePsix.

The History of Arnold's
Arnold's was originaly built in 1950, just in time for the 50s. It used to be called Arthur's, when it was owned by Arthur Jackson, when he left in 1956, he had his assistant Matuso Takahashi take over. But when Matuso bought the place, there was a problem, the big sign said Arnold's, so he changed his name. He got many great customers like Richie, Potsie, Ralph and The Fonz. They all enjoyed his food, in 1956 he hired two waitresses, Marsha and Wendy. Then he got married in 1958, then he hired the much older than him, Al Delvecchio. The guys were happy when they had a new owner, in 1956 Fonzie jumped over 14 garbage cans in front of Arnold's. The guys were still around when Al was owner, along with Joanie and Fonzie's cousin Chachi. Then in 1961, Chachi burnt down Arnold's after forgetting to turn off the grill. Then Al and Fonzie built a new place and called it Arnold's. A lot of great stuff happened here, a news report on the demolition derby, although everyone got sleepy, a birthday for Foznie and later his dog, Spunky, Richie, and Potsie and Ralph's and Chachi's band played. In 1961, when Richie and Ralph left, things were not the same. Joanie and Chachi had a band and Fonzie co-owned the place. After Joanie and Chachi were married in 1965, after Arnold came back in 1963 and Richie and Ralph came in 1964, things at Arnold's were still the same. Al retired in 1972, and Fonzie took over, ironically the place was still called Arnold's then that same year, Fonzie and his assistant Chachi, remodeled it to look more 70s then renamed it to Fonzie and Chachi's. There was then a rotaing F and C on the top. In the 70s and 80s the place had many customers like Richie, Potsie, Ralph, Fonzie's and Joanie and Chachi's kids and a bunch of people. It was still open in the 1990's, it celebrated it's 40th anniversary in 1990 Fonzie and Chachi, Fonzie and Chachi's celebrated 30 years in 2000, this year, it celebrated 30 years after it's remodeling. As for the three original owners, Al died in 1996 at 95, Arnold died in 1999 at 85, and Arthur died in 1993 at 95, Fonzie is now 62, and Chachi is 58. It is now a different name: Lenny and Charles', Fonzie and Chachi's kids.
Submitted by: IStillGotIt

Submitted by: IStillGotIt

Ralph Malph was born in Brooklyn, New York on August 8, 1941, to Mickey and Minnie Malph. In New York he went to Brooklyn Elementary and Middle School. He went to Brooklyn High School for one year, after this he and his family moved to Milwaukee. He was then enrolled at Jefferson High School, where he met his two buddies Richie Cunnigham and Warren Weber, who they called Potsie. For a little while Richie and Potsie hung out with Ralph, then Richie told him that he and Potsie needed a comedian to hang with them, Ralph was their pick, so he joined in, he spent the next three years as a constant companion to Richie and Potsie, during that time, he met Fonzie. He finally graduated in 1959. He and Potsie and Richie went to University of Winsonsin in Milwaukee in 1959. He and Potsie lived together in an apartemnt, during this time they found a new friend named Chachi, Fonzie's cousin. He and Potsie had great times in their apartment, despite one time they needed Aunt Fanny's help when they kept arguing, she turned out ot be Richie. His parents got a divorce in 1961, when Ralph was 20, then later that year, the worst moment in Potsie's life, he and Richie went to Greenland to join the army, and he still did have it. He came back in 1964 with Richie, where Richie announced he was moving to California, then Ralph became in optomertrist like his dad. Then he got married to Leather Tuscadero in 1965, she and Ralph had a kid in 1966, his name is Ralph Jr., they had another 1968 called Suede, their youngest one is a girl named Ralphett- born in 1970. Ralph was also in a band in highschool and college with Potsie and Richie, he played piano. Then after quitting as optomertrist, Ralph and the family moved to California, in Hollywood, he and Richie made their own production company, Cunningham and Malph productions, some of the movies that they made are The Day Fonzie Jumped Jaws, The Potsie Weber Story, The Haunted Mansion, The Day Fonzie Jumped The Millenium Falcon, Moon Wars, Teeth, Friday Night Flu, Vaseline, The God's Father, Near Encounters of the Fourth Kind, and many films showing the opposite of popular 70s films. Right now, they still have their company and are doing great. Mickey Malph is still alive, he is now 86 this year, Leather is 61, Ralph is 61, Ralph Jr. is 36, Suede is 34, Ralphette is 32, and Minnie Malph is is also 86. This is a story of a man named Malph,or Ralph Malph, he's still got it.
Submitted by: IStillGotIt

Submitted by: RichPotsRalphFonz