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Happy Days
ALF: The Worst Thing Since SpiceWorld

You got any cats?

*meow, hsss*


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ALF. Just hearing his name sends a chill down our spine. For years, it has been a constant battle between him and the Happy Days Mafia. Now, you can do something about it. Become part of the HDM and defend for what you believe in. Its never too late.

THIS JUST IN: ALF plotted Chuck's disappearance..
BREAKING NEWS: Ladies and Gentlmen, The Mystery Of Chuck Cunningham has finally been revealed! On the night of January 4th 1955 Chuck Cunningham was walking through the park. It was a fairly silent and typical night, so everyone thought until....Chuck Cunningham was struck by a red vehicle speeding at over 200 miles an hour. Although he lived the accident Chuck Cunningham suffered from amnesia and soon after moved to New York where he changed his name to "Frank Johnson" and started a family of his own. The Cunninghams continued their search for Chuck but eventually gave up when they came to the conclusion that Chuck is dead (even though he was not.).

They vowed never to mention his name again as it would cause too much sorrow for them and completely ignored that he ever existed. Until now the hit and run driver has yet to be revealed, but once again thanks to my very reliable sources, i was able to obtain this exclusive photo from the scene of the crime.

Yes, Thats right. Alf has a plot to destory the Cunningham family once and for all. He started with Chuck, and blackmailed Richie Cunningham to leave town and join the army or he would reveal a deep dark secret that would rock the foundation of Milwaukee. This secret has yet to be discovered. Now Alf is going for the Third and youngest Cunningham, Joanie. Alf was somehow able to convince her into having an affair with him and cheating on Chachie, but the truth is he is not really interested in her, he is in fact just trying to rip apart their marriage and destory both of their families.
What past events led Alf into this sick revenge plot against the Cunninghams? Many say Alf was enraged after spotting Richie speaking with Alfs arch rival Mork From Ork. And of course their are many other theorys. But perhaps the truth will never be discovered....

*Thanks Chad Doody*

ALF....and Joanie?!?!? Out on the town..
QUICK! He's brainwashed Joanie!