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Happy Days


Fonzie's Guide to Being Cool
The Original King of Comedy
You're Such A Potsie!
The Band
Inspiration Point
Potsie & Ralph: Milwaukee's Top Bachelors
Wanna Be A Fonzette?
Enter: The Twilight Zone
Cunningham Hardware
I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar!
Past, Present, & Future
Rent: $60/Month
Milwaukee Journal
Pieces of You
ThE BaTHro0m WaLL
Thumbs Up
Extra! Extra!
Bachelor Pad

A great voice, a great face!
Isnt he dreamy???

Thats right ladies...we're available!

Get in line ladies, because these boys are in demand! Hot off the rack and ready to mingle, these two bachelors are looking for love. Could she be you? To fufill their dream girl image be sure to have a good voice and laugh whenever possible. These two hunks will sweep you off your feet and treat you like gold. So whip out that guitar and rubber nose because Potsie and Ralph are ready for YOU!
The'yre the next best thing from Fonzie...well...except Richie of course!