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Happy Days
Inspiration Point

Fonzie's Guide to Being Cool
The Original King of Comedy
You're Such A Potsie!
The Band
Inspiration Point
Potsie & Ralph: Milwaukee's Top Bachelors
Wanna Be A Fonzette?
Enter: The Twilight Zone
Cunningham Hardware
I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar!
Past, Present, & Future
Rent: $60/Month
Milwaukee Journal
Pieces of You
ThE BaTHro0m WaLL
Thumbs Up
Extra! Extra!

Here it is, the one and only place where you can get the scoop on all the locations of Inspiration Point. Hope it gives you some inspiration.
Sections of Inspiration Point:
Boot Camp: (Younger kids (Joanie) go there- to learn the ropes)
Mason-Dixon: (Where Richie goes- where the girls draw the line)
Little Big Horn: (Where Fonzie goes- no survivors);
The Alamo: (Because it is so fun to *Remember the Alamo*)

The Fonz & I thank you FonzFan for the info!!!

Ahhh...Inspiration Point
(Thanks Pat)