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Happy Days
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You know you're a Potsie when...

...Thats right, hang your head down in shame!

1. You lose Spunky
2. You pretend to be Richie Cunningham and take your date to Arnolds, where everybody knows your (real) name *This is where you get the Cheers theme stuck in your head*
3. In a bathroom at Richies for an excuse to get out you yell: "I gotta go to the bathroom!"
4. You try unhitching a bra on a radiator
5. You have to miss singing at Arnolds and let your band down like always
6. When Ralph informed you that Fonz and Mrs.C were seen together a lot Ralph mentioned he would have to resort to forceness, in which you reply: "I dont wanna hit Mrs.C!"
7. You didnt know how mink was made
8. You and your partner in crime take apart Fonzies bike after he has his sight back
9. You leave Richie all alone at the hardware store to go to the rock n roll concert
10. You read "HELF" when Richie really meant "HELP"

Of course there are many other Potsie moments, but hasnt he suffered enough with this whole page?

He may be a Potsie...but we still love him!