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Fonzies Little Black Book Of Women


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Happy Days

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Want to be a part of Fonzie's Little Black Book? Well, now you can! Simply send me an email and I will automatically add you to his book of chicks! Theres only one rule: (You're not gonna be his fiance, just his chick!) You have to be a chick! Sounds easy? Good. Then email me with the following filled out:
Number: (fake one obviously!)
Quote/Something about you that makes you stick out from all his other chicks:
Rating: (This will be rated by me! The more you stand out from the rest, the better the rating.)
Email me: In the subject just put "I Want To Be A Fonzette."

Is SHE Fonzette material??
(Thanks Becky!)

Maybe she is!!
(Thanks Dezzy)

Crystal (.:MiLKnPePSi:.)
Rating: 5 (of course..I made this site for Fonzie!)
Loves Fonzie, but her heart is for Richie
Sheryl (AnimalCrackers)
Rating: 5 (her idea!)
She loves Inspiration Point and water for cooling off.
Rating: 4
Loves music, especially Elvis and Fabian
Rating: 3
Loves the beach and watching Fonzie jump the sharks
Jessica (FonzFan)
Rating: 5
I love the Fonz and can't wait for an inspiration at Inspiration Point!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to: AnimalCrackers (Sheryl) for this amazing idea! A true Fonzette!