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Dear Diary...


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Dear Diary...
....and to think that that was the best part of my day.

Wednesday July 29th, 1959
Dear Diary,
Tonight me and Laverne had very hot dates, well hot for her anyways, I know how to be a lady. We went to Le Pfister-a very expensive French palace. Our dates Clyde and Donald were gentlemen- they let us order anything we wanted. I had a lobster drenched in butter, Laverne had the same thing but ate it with her fingers!! I tried to show enough class for the both of us, especially when Laverne started making goldfish faces at the waiter. It was humiliating *underline humiliating*, but not nearly as bad when Lenny and Squiggy showed up dressed up as clams. Those boys always come up with stupid schemes. Luckily though our dates understood and we left to go back home. A good night kiss is all Clyde got, but Im sure Donald was hoping for more from Laverne as we all know she does too. All in all it was a splended evening and this weekend we are going back out with them to El Sombrero Caliente, a mexican diner that is a little cheaper so afterwards we can go to the movies. We are going to see the new Marilyn Monroe movie "Some Like it Hot", and hopefully it doesnt give Laverne and new ideas.
Shirley W. Feeney

Shirley's secrets that no one knows but her diary
Except for maybe BooBooKitty!!