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Lenny & Squiggy

"We were just about to settle into a nice orgy."

Lenny & Squiggy, best friends til the end. They did everything together: volunteered themselves in a science lab, made silent films, wrote and sang their own music! These boys were multi-talented. And when they weren't looking for gold in the apartment shoot, they were probably in the girls apartments hoping to sneak a peek at their bedroom from afar. Very gullable, they bought a non-existing jeep for $200--that of course they didnt even have! Read on to learn some very interesting stuff on these two lover boys we like to call Lenny & Squiggy.

*Note: The two soundfiles you just heard were me-NOT Lenny & Squiggy. I couldnt find those sounds online, so I had to do them myself. No, I dont really sound like that, that was me *attempt* to do Squiggy-and thats what I got lol. If you think you can do better...please tell me and give it to me!