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Laverne & Shirley: A Fan Site


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Working at Shotz is what these girls do from 9-5 5 days a week. They dont like their job and often dream of marrying rich men who can support them. Always finding ways to save money, it can sometimes get them in trouble--or get Laverne stuck in jail! Their escapades are always shattered, but in the end they have eachother-and Shotz Brewery. Each year they perform a song and dance routine which keeps their jobs entertaining. They never have enough extra cash like their "friend" Big Rosie Greenbaum and sometimes have to find ways of making a little extra cash. They have high expectations for eachother and their friends and are always willing to help someone less fortunate than them, although those people dont come around often. Shotz may be cheap pay, but they do get free beer along with all the latest gossip in the cafeteria.

If only our modeling career took off...

Why can't we marry doctors??