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Laverne & Shirley: A Fan Site
Laverne & Shirley

Laverne & Shirley. Two working class girls, but they were much more than that. Read their (character) biographies to get an in-depth view of the two girls we love so much.

We're weekend nurses!!

Laverne DeFazio

The Lovely Laverne

Bimbo. Sweet "Patata's". These are just a couple of the names Laverne is known as. Whether she's capping bottles at the 9-5 brewery, Shotz, or selling plants door to door, Laverne always leaves her mark. Her family lives in New York, while she and her Pop went to Milwaukee. There in grammer school she met her lovable friend, Shirley Feeney. Laverne is the tough chick of the two and doesnt let anyone push her around, not even Big Rosie Greenbaum. She is well-known for her fights and evil ways of revenge. She dreams of being a star and even auditioned for the play *West Side Story*. She loves Milk & Pepsi and eating Scooter Pies in bed. When shes not at Shotz or on a hot date, shes working alongside with Shirley at her Pops place, the Pizza Bowl. She and Shirley, along with her other friends are lower class, and when the money gets tight she and Shirl always find a way of making money.  Selling plants, or even working as a taxi dancer for a dime. When she and her friends got laid-off from Shotz they packed up and headed to Burbank, California with her Pop and landlady, Mrs.Babbish. Laverne and Shirley got jobs at the gift-wrapping section of Bardwells Department Store.

Shirley Feeney


Ahhh, yes, Shirley. Or *Angel Face* as I like to call her. Laverne's other half-and complete opposite. Quiet and polite, Ms. Shirley Feeney has manners. She is always judging Lavernes moods and manners and trying to teach her to be a lady. Not only is she a fan of fish sticks, but shes also quite attracted to the Golden Gloves Champion himself, Carmine AKA the *Big Ragoo*. Shirley's other best friend BooBooKitty always brings a smile to her face, especially when shes reading her stories.When shes not busy at the Pizza Bowl, she prefers to play a *Roxy*-AFTER hours!!! Shirley puts her deepest, darkest secrets in her journal which are unknown to everyone-including Laverne. Although some of Shirleys secrets did spill out on occasions. She stuffs her bra?!? Wilhimena is her middle name?! Wow, these secrets are HOT!! Having a special place in her heart for animals, she tends to get attached to her pets. Dwayne her canary, horses, Twinkles the mouse--but why no love for Squiggy's moths?? Hmm...