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Laverne & Shirley: A Fan Site
Shotz, Milwaukee, Bardwells: The Laverne & Shirley Story

The Girls with The Fonz

November 11th, 1975. It was 8:00 on a Tuesday @ ABC. Laverne & Shirley made their first appearance on Happy Days. Dating Richie and Fonzie, it was the introduction that would make Laverne & Shirley a smash-hit just within a couple of years.
Laverne & Shirley didnt debut until January 27th, 1976.  It aired right after its parent Happy Days @ 8:30 pm. From then on, the show was a hit with viewers and went to number one shortly after.
The show lasted 8 whole seasons and ended on May 10th, 1983. 178 episodes, an uncountable amount of laughs.


Laverne & Shirley lived in the late 1950's and enjoyed the easy life. They worked at Shotz Brewery as bottle-cappers and were a part of the annual talent show each year perfoming songs and little dance routines. They lived in the basement of an apartment building with Edna Babbish as landlady. Later on, their friends (although too embarassed to announce publicly) Lenny & Squiggy moved in too- on a different floor of course. They interacted through the apartment shoot where they could yell at eachother. Laverne & Shirley also worked part-time as waitresses at Laverne's Pops place, the Pizza Bowl. During their free time they often dated and went bowling. They didnt have a lot of money, but they always managed to get by and have a good time. They often did crazy things to get guys, like going to a cocktail party and bragging about being nurses assistants at the local hospital. In 1980, Milwaukee was becoming dull and the producers wanted more storylines so they packed up their bags and headed to Burbank. Frank and Edna opened up Cowboy Bills and the girls worked at Bardwells Department Store. Lenny & Squiggy decided to become producers and make their own films. In 1982 a pregnant Shirley (Cindy Williams) left the show due to schedules and time off. The show ended without her.