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-Thanks to TVLand for the episode guide.
The astericks (*) mean it is a Viewers Pick (based on my opinion)
TWO astericks (**) means it is a must-see episode!


1 - The Society Party [Pilot]*
Laverne and Shirley, who work on the bottle-capping line of Shotz Brewery, are thrilled when Tad Shotz, the owner's nephew, invites Shirley to a fancy dinner party. Shirley won't accept unless Laverne can go with her - so they both receive invitations, but don't have dresses suitable for the occasion. Lenny and Squiggy offer to help them out by renting gowns from "an uncle's wax museum". Guest star: Henry Winkler

2 - The Bachelor Party
Laverne rents out her father's pizza parlor to Fonzie for a bachelor party and persuades Shirley to serve Fonzie's guests while she makes pizzas. When the bachelor party backfires, the girls are called upon to help the usually cool Fonzie save face. Guest star: Henry Winkler

3 - Bowling For Razzberries
It's a battle for the annual Shotz Brewery Bowling Championship and Laverne and her team are determined to defeat the Public Relations Department's team. However, Laverne has a cold and can't bowl in the tournament.

4 - A Nun Story
Unaware that she is now a nun, Laverne and Shirley expect one of their old, wild friends to turn their class reunion into a success.

5 - Faulter At The Altar
Laverne suddenly decides to marry her boyfriend after only dating for two months. Shirley objects at the rehearsal. Guest star: Al Molinaro

6 - One Flew Over Milwaukee*
Shirley drives everyone crazy worrying about her pet canary who flew away.

7 - Dog Day Blind Dates**
Laverne and Shirley meet two strange guys on a blind date. Their dates blow up the men's room of the Pizza Bowl and hold the girls hostage while trying to rob the bank next door.

8 - Once Upon A Rumor
Lenny sees Shirley half-dressed with Squiggy in the Shotz Brewery locker room and assumes they had a "fling". When the rumor spreads that Shirley is a "fun date," she is besieged with phone calls asking for a date and Squiggy becomes a hero. The girls try to find a way to make the culprit confess the truth.

9 - It's The Water
The girls vie for a promotion at the brewery. Laverne learns, to her dismay, that there's more to it than meets the eye - or the taste. The executive, who has more on his mind than business, promotes Shirley to official beer taster, knowing she gets dizzy when she sips beer,

10 - Dating Slump*
Laverne is upset when Shirley becomes reclusive and decides not to go out on any dates after learning that her reliable boyfriend, Carmine Ragusa, has another sweetheart. Guest star: Mark Harmon

11 - Fake Out At The Stake Out*
Laverne becomes a decoy to help catch a thief who has stolen some of Laverne and Shirley's favorite clothes.

12 - Hi Neighbor
Laverne and Shirley get more than they bargained for when Lenny and Squiggy set up a bachelor pad in the girls' apartment building. This episode was written by David Landers and Michael McKean.

13 - How Do You Say 'Are You Dead?' In German?
A German delivery man faints in Laverne and Shirley's house. When they can't revive him, they realize it's not a prank.

14 - Suds To Stardom*
Laverne and Shirley's determination to win a place in the brewery's annual talent show gains them a bittersweet victory. They rehearse a wild calypso number for their audition, but are turned down by their old nemesis, Gloria Lubitz, an ex-Rockette who now heads the company's show.

15 - Mother Knows Worst
When Shirley's domineering mother comes for a visit, she finds fault with Shirley, her friends, and everything else about Shirley's life. Laverne sets her straight.

16 - Drive She Said**
In an effort to keep up with Fonzie's girlfriend, Pinky Tuscadero, Shirley decides to buy a car. She convinces Laverne to go "halfsies" with her - only to learn that Laverne can't drive.

17 - Angel Of Mercy
Shirley tries to talk Laverne into working as a volunteer nurse at a hospital. Laverne resists until her latest heartthrob, Jerry Callihan, enters the hospital for an operation.

18 - Bachelor Mother
The Fonz visits Laverne and Shirley and drops off a surprise bundle - a baby! The girls are faced with a dateless Saturday night at home, the TV doesn't work and they have to baby-sit. As they settle into a quiet night, their Chicago boy friends call and invite them for a night out at the famed Chez Paree. There is an unexpected turn of events when they get Lenny and Squiggy to watch the baby. Guest star: Henry Winkler

19 - Excuse Me, May I Cut In?**
GS:Ron Howard, Anson Williams
The girls convince two high school students into taking them to a dance contest to win a TV. Richie and Potsie from 'Happy Days' are the dance partners. Potsie gets injured and can't dance so Laverne teams up with Richie at the last minute to win the prize.

20 - Bridal Shower
When Laverne and Shirley are invited to a bridal shower for one of their old high school classmates, they feel like old maids.

21 - Look Before You Leap
After attending a big bash at the brewery, Laverne blacks out can't recall the night's events, and is worried about how she behaved.

22 - Dear Future Model*
Laverne and Shirley become jealous when they see how the guys flip for a pretty model at the Pizza Bowl. They decide to enroll in a correspondence modeling school in order to become the "new you".

23 - Good Time Girls*
The girls get plenty of offers for dates after Icky Hector puts their name and phone number on several men's room walls.

24 - Two Of Our Weirdo's Are Missing
Lenny and Squiggy disappear after Laverne and Shirley decide not to go to the circus with them.

25 - Oh Hear the Angels Voices
Laverne, Shirley, and their friends entertain at a hospital Christmas party by singing "Silent Night".

26 - Guilty Until Proven Not Innocent
Laverne is arrested for shoplifting and Shirley tries to get her released.

27 - Anniversary Show
While the girls are stuck at a train station in Canada, the rest of the gang waits to throw them a surprise party at the Pizza Bowl. To pass the time, they sit around and reminisce through flashbacks of scenes from previous episodes.

28 - Playing Hooky*
Everything goes wrong when the girls play hooky from work.

29 - Guinea Pigs**
The girls become guinea pigs to raise money to go to a cocktail party. Laverne is only allowed to sleep for a few minutes at a time and Shirley is forced to eat dirt.

30 - Call Me a Taxi*
When they get laid off, the girls take jobs as taxi dancers. Shirley pads out her bra with tissue paper to get more customers.

31 - Steppin' Out*
Laverne and Shirley are asked out by two "dreamboats", but when they start to prepare themselves for a fun-filled evening, everything goes wrong.

32 - Buddy Can You Spare A Father
Shirley goes to a sleazy bar to look for her father.

33 - Honeymoon Motel*
Shirley wins a vacation at a newlywed hotel and the girls plan to use Carmine to fool the hotel staff into letting them both in.

34 - Hi Neighbor Book 2
When Lenny and Squiggy get stood up, Laverne and Shirley come to the rescue. Lenny and Squiggy take the girls to a posh restaurant, where Squiggy sees his date with another guy at the same restaurant. This episode was written by David Landers and Michael McKean.

35 - Frank's Fling
Laverne asks Lenny, Squiggy and Carmine to dress up as gangsters in order to scare away a golddigger who wants to marry her father.

36 - Haunted House
The girls want new furniture and look for a used couch, in a haunted house. Shirley discovers that Abe Lincoln once slept in the house, suggests they have the house marked as a piece of history, and ultimately saves the building.

37 - Lonely At the Middle
When Shirley is promoted to supervisor, she tries to introduce time saving ideas which don't go over well with her co-workers who begin hating her.

38 - Citizen Krane
Milwaukee's most prominent citizen, Charles Feister Crane, decides to make Laverne and Shirley his newest singing discovery, a singing duet called 'The Rosebuds'.

39 - Airport '59
Laverne and Shirley take their first plane trip. But when their pilot faints at the controls, they end up flying it.

40 - Tag Team Wrestling
Laverne teams up to enter a charity wrestling match.

41 - The Pact
Laverne and Shirley get into a huge fight after Shirley's new boyfriend asks Laverne out. In the end, the girls make a pact and agree to never let a guy come between them again.

42 - The Robot Lawsuit
A giant robot attacks Laverne in a toy store and she decides to sue the company.

43 - Laverne's Arranged Marriage
Laverne's father arranges for her to marry a wealthy cheese manufacturer who happens to be in the mob.

44 - Cruise Part 1
In order to earn extra money for their vacation, the girls take a job, dressed as Jack and Jill, selling children's shoes.

45 - Cruise Part 2
Laverne and Shirley go on a Great Lakes cruise and Shirley falls for one of the ship's crew. Also, Lenny and Squiggy are caught aboard as stowaways and sent back to shore.

46 - Laverne & Shirley Meet Fabian*
Fabian's concert is sold out, but the girls still want to see him. They bet Rosie that they can not only meet Fabian, but have their pictures taken with him, too. Rosie agrees saying that if she loses she'll clean the girls flat with her toothbrush. Needless to say Rosie is soon scrubbing the floors, toothbrush and all. Guest star: Fabian

47 - The Stakeout*
When Carmine is suspected of being a counterfeiter, the FBI uses Laverne and Shirley's apartment as a stakeout to catch him in the act.

48 - Shirley's Operation
Shirley panics in the hospital and has her friends, who are dressed in Alice in Wonderland costumes, looking for her.

49 - Take My Plants, Please
When the girls get laid off they go to work for themselves selling flowers and plants door to door.

50 - New Years Eve 1960*
It is New Years Eve and Laverne is dumped by her date and Shirley has a cold. Squiggy does his human fly stunt as the countdown to the new year.

51 - The Mortician
Laverne has a crush on a mortician who is more interested in her dead than alive. To help her chances of getting to know the mortician better Laverne asks Shirley to pretend she is dying.

52 - The Horse Show
Shirley rescues a horse from a glue factory and puts it in her bedroom. The girls then try to find a new home for 'Buttercup' before she's turned into glue. In the end Lenny and Squiggy save the day by finding a farmer with a nice pasture who's willing to let the horse live out the remainder of it's days in contentment.

53 - The Slow Child*
Edna's learning impaired daughter is left with Laverne & Shirley, but later disappears with Lenny. Lenny falls for Edna's daughter not realizing that she's slow. The two go for a walk, and L&S go crazy trying to find them. Edna goes mad when she finds out that her little girl was out with Lenny, not realizing that her daughter is a lot more capable than she gives her credit for.

54 - The Second Almost Annual Shotz Talent Show*
Mr. Shotz wants the girls to find a spot in the talent show for his no talent nephew. 'Night After Night'(Lyrics to Lenny & Squiggy's Song.)

55 - The Dentist
Laverne has a chipped tooth and visits Shirley's brother, who is a dentist. As a favor to Shirley, Laverne allows Shirley's dentist brother to fix the tooth. The only problem is he's a lousy dentist and Laverne can't let on that he's doing a terrible job as Shirley's brother's boss is watching every move he makes.

56 - The Bus Stop
The girls take a bus to a distant city to visit two medical students who leave them stranded.

57 - The Driving Test
Unless Squiggy passes his driving test, he will lose his job, so the entire gang decide to help him out.

58 - The Obstacle Course*
Shirley takes an obstacle course for a volunteer policewoman's job at L.A.M.P.S. (Ladies Auxiliary Milwaukee Police).

59 - The Debutante Ball
Laverne and Lenny go to a debutantes ball where Lenny learns he is 89th in line for the Polish throne.

60 - 2001 A Comedy Odyssey
Laverne dreams she and Shirley are in their 80's still living together and still single. In her dream , they marry Lenny and Squiggy, who are also still single, so they can have some fun.

61 - The Dance Studio
The girls try and help Carmine get financing so that he can open his own dance studio. Of course they end up ruining it for Carmine so in the end Frank and Edna lend him the money.

62 - Breaking Up Making Up
Laverne and Shirley try to get Frank and Edna back together after they break up when Edna's ex-husband comes to town.

63 - Festival Part 1
The girls go to New York to visit all of Laverne's relatives and to attend the Italian festival. Laverne's Grandmother, Frank's mother, takes a liking to Squiggy and treats him like a son.

64 - Festival Part 2
Frank tries to win the "climbing the greased pole" contest so he can win a trip to Italy for his mother.

65 - Playing the Roxy*
When Shirley gets amnesia, she believes she is a stripper named Roxy. She's on stage at a lodge meeting going through her act when her memory returns just in the nick of time.

66 - The Robbery
Laverne's date with 'Jake' of the 'Purple Fiends' goes sour when he robs a grocery store.

67 - The Quiz Show**
Laverne & Shirley appear on a game show called "Be Silly For Dollars".

68 - Laverne & Shirley Go To Night School*
Shirley wants to become a medical assistant, and wants a reluctant Laverne to go to night school with her.

69 - Date With Eraserhead
Shirley's blind date with Eraserhead it isn't quite what she had in mind.

70 - The Bully Show
Lenny and Squiggy are forced to make a date between Laverne and their foreman, but they come to Laverne's rescue just in time.

71 - A Visit to the Cemetery
Laverne comes to accept the death of her mother and visits her grave for the first time.

72 - Chorus Line
Laverne dreams of going to Broadway when she auditions for "West Side Story" in Chicago.

73 - Laverne & Shirley Move In
Shirley recalls how she and Laverne first moved in together.

74 - Dinner for Four*
The girls meet two guys in Frank's Pizza Bowl. They believe that the guys are inviting them for dinner at their posh flat, but they really want to hire the girls as maids for the evening.

75 - It's A Dog's Life
Shirley handcuffs herself to a homeless dog at the pound to protest it's scheduled death. In the end, Carmine comes to the rescue by offering a free dance lesson to anyone who'll adopt a dog. In the end, all the dogs find homes.

76 - All Comes All Ye Bums**
Laverne & Shirley turn into street performers to raise cash for Frank's annual holiday hobo dinner.

77 - Who's Papa
Shirley visits with her brother Robert, who has come home from the Navy, and she realizes that they don't look anything alike. She becomes convinced that she was adopted and goes wild with Laverne trying to find documented information about her birth. Guest star: Ed Begley Jr.

78 - The Third Annual Shotz Talent Show*
In the third annual Shotz talent show, Laverne and Shirley perform as human puppets.

79 - Super Market Sweep**
Laverne wins three minutes of free grocery shopping and everyone wants something. When the day comes, the girls greed takes over and they only end up with one item each.

80 - Lenny's Crush
Lenny has a heart-to-heart with Laverne and mistakes her kindness towards him for love. When Shirley finds out, she tells Laverne to talk to Lenny before he gets hurt.

81 - Fire Show
One of the firemen who comes to put out a fire in their apartment falls for Laverne. Unfortunately Shirley falls for him too which leads to the girls friendship being tested to the limits.

82 - Squiggy in Love
Laverne and Shirley try to help Squiggy by pointing out to him that his latest great-looking girlfriend is using him to help move into and decorate her flat. This episode was directed by Penny Marshall.

83 - The Feminine Mistake*
Laverne asks Shirley if she can make her more feminine to impress a guy. Laverne tries to act like a southern belle. Guest star: Jay Leno

84 - The Tenants Are Revolting
The girls believe they are doing a good deed by calling in a building inspector to make repairs, until Mrs. Babbish is given a deadline to fix it or pay a fine.

85 - Spy in My Beer
No one believes that Laverne saw an industrial spy in the brewery, so she takes Shirley back there in the middle of the night to wait for the spy. The girls end up arguing, and getting soaked in a huge vat of beer.

86 - Shirley and the Older Man
Carmine resents Shirley's friendship with a rich older man and his daughter is suspicious of her intentions.

87 - Shotgun Wedding Part 2**
The girls get engaged to Richie and Fonzie to avoid a shotgun wedding. Guest stars:Henry Winkler, Ron Howard (The first part of this episode was aired as part of 'Happy Days').

88 - One Heckuva Note
Shirley finds an old love note written to Laverne from Carmine.

89 - Fat City Holiday*
The girls get jobs at a weight loss camp.

90 - Upstairs Downstairs
A fight over returning a wrongly issued check gets the girls dreaming about heaven and hell.

91 - What Do You Do With A Drunken Sailor
Shirley's brother returns home from the Navy, an alcoholic. Guest star: Ed Begley Jr

92 - You've Pushed Me Too Far
Lenny refuses to have anything to do with Squiggy after he pushes him into a garbage can from their second floor apartment window. Laverne and Shirley get the two friends to make up.

93 - The Wedding
Edna accepts a marriage proposal from Frank, who waited to the last minute to ask her. Laverne and Shirley end up singing at their wedding in an all black gospel choir.

94 - Bad Girls
The girls arrange for Edna's niece to join their old club, only to learn that the club has now become a street gang of thieves.

95 - You're in the Army Now Part 1
Laverne & Shirley enlist in the W.A.C.s to get even for a missed promotion. Guest star: Vicki Lawrence

96 - You're in the Army Now Part 2
Laverne & Shirley regret joining the Army. Guest star: Vicki Lawrence

97 - Take Two, They're Small
Lenny and Squiggy fix Laverne and Shirley up with computer dates, who turn out to be midgets.

98 - The 4th Annual Shotz Talent Show*
A patriotic theme is in store for the fourth annual talent show.

99 - Testing Testing
The gang is terrified that their deep dark secrets are going to be revealed when they visit the company shrink.

100 - Not Quite South of the Border
The girls can't wait to go on a vacation to Mexico. Unfortunately when they get there, they find out that half of their hotel room is missing and they will have to share the room with another woman.

101 - You Ought to be in Pictures
The girls jump at the chance to be stars of a movie unaware that the film they will be starring in is an Army hygiene film. The director starts filming the movie and the girls find out they're playing hookers.

102 - The Beatnik Show**
The girls coffee house performance attracts a band of beatniks. Guest star:Art Garfunkel. This episode has the famous Shirley Feeney scarf dance.

103 - The Right to Light
To protest a false bill the girls chain themselves inside the gas company building. What they don't know is that another disgruntled customer has planted a bomb in the building.

104 - Why Did the Fireman...
Laverne falls for a fireman who is always being called to duty. This episode has fireman Ted Danson going to propose to Laverne but before he gets a chance, he dies in the line of duty. Guest star:Ted Danson

105 - The Collector
The girls try to talk Carmine out of going to work for a loan shark. Guest star: Billy Sands

106 - Murder on the Moosejaw Express Part 1*
The girls are riding the Moose Jaw Express when a murder victim enters their compartment. Guest stars: Charlene Tilton, Scatman Crothers

107 - Murder on the Moosejaw Express Part 2*
Laverne and Shirley try to find out who the murderer is. Guest stars: Charlene Tilton, Scatman Crothers

108 - Survival Test
A mean Army sergeant (Sgt. Plout) takes the girls on a survival test against the men. Guest star: Vicki Lawrence

109 - Antonio the Amazing
Laverne's Italian cousin arrives from Italy looking for a job.

110 - The Duke of Squigman
Squiggy sleepwalks thinking he is a rich duke. This episode was directed by Penny Marshall.

111 - The Diner*
Lenny inherits a greasy spoon diner called 'Laslo's Place' and immediately renames it 'Dead Laslo's Place'. Laverne and Shirley, desperate for work, get hired to cook and serve as waitresses. Frank offers to buy the restaurant from Lenny.

112 - Separate Tables
To overcome her fear of being alone, Shirley persuades Laverne to eat in a Chinese restaurant by herself. Guest star: Pat Morita

113 - Not Quite New York
After being fired from the brewery, the girls decide to pack up and move out to California, but the only way they can afford to get out there is to have Lenny and Squiggy drive them there in an old ice cream truck.

114 - Welcome to Burbank
After experiencing an earthquake on their first night in California, the girls are ready to return to Milwaukee . This episode introduces the new characters of Rhonda and Sonny.

115 - Studio City
The girls are hired to play stunt women in a Troy Donohue movie. Guest star:Troy Donohue

116 - Grand Opening
In order to pay Shirley back some of the money she owes her, Laverne agrees to be the target in Sonny's knife throwing act at Cowboy Bill's grand opening.

117 - Candy is Dandy
The girls finally get jobs in California as gift wrappers at Bardwell's Department Store. On their first day on the job Laverne gets tipsy after eating candy laced with alcohol.

118 - The Dating Game**
Lenny and Squiggy appear in on the television show 'The Dating Game'. This episode was directed by Penny Marshall.

119 - The Other Woman
Shirley finally gets to date a doctor, the trouble is she looks exactly like his old wife.

120 - The Road to Burbank*
There is a dispute over who should pay the bill when Lenny and Squiggy trash a hotel room on their way to California and try to blame it on Laverne and Shirley.

121 - Born Too Late
Lenny and Squiggy imagine that they are stars in a flashback series of silent movies.

122 - Love Out the Window
After learning that Laverne fears for his safety, Sonny quits his job as a stuntman and takes a job selling insurance.

123 - Malibu Mansion
The owner of the Cowboy Bill's chain of restaurants hires the girls to house sit his Malibu beachfront mansion for the weekend. While he is away, the girls throw a beach party which gets gate crashed by a gang of bikers.

124 - To Tell the Truth*
Stuck at home on a rainy night with nothing to do, the gang decides to play a game of 'truth or dare'. Within minutes, everybody is arguing with each other. Also, the fact that Shirley stuffs socks down her bra is revealed to all her friends. This episode has the famous chocolate pudding in Shirley's face gag.

125 - I Do, I Do
The girls almost marry two rock stars from Britain after eating marijuana-laced brownies.

126 - But Seriously Folks
Carmine's new stand up comedy act is not popular with his friends when he starts making fun of them. This episode was directed by Penny Marshall.

127 - The Bardwell Caper Part 1*
Believing that she and Shirley have been passed over for a raise, Laverne writes an insulting letter to her boss.

128 - The Bardwell Caper Part 2*
After learning that they are indeed getting a raise, the girls try to retrieve the letter that Laverne wrote before the boss has a chance to read it. The only problem is that the boss's office is guarded by a state of the art security system.

129 - High Priced Dates
The girls turn to Edna for advice when their dates expect 'rewards'.

130 - Fifth Anniversary
The girls throw Frank and Edna a fifth wedding anniversary party at their trailer.

131 - Out, Out Damned Plout
Sgt. Plout goes AWOL and decides to hide out at the girl's apartment.

132 - Laverne's Broken Leg
After missing a party because of a broken leg, Laverne falls asleep watching 'It's A Wonderful Life' on TV. She dreams what life would be like for her friends and her family if she had never been born.

133 - Sing, Sing, Sing
Laverne asks Carmine to give her singing lessons so that she can sing for Hoot Night at Cowboy Bill's. This episode was directed by Cindy Williams.

134 - Child's Play
Because of Squiggy's forgetfulness, Laverne and Shirley must play all the parts in Shirley's play 'Murder In Mother Goose Land', which a Broadway producer attends.

135 - The Most Important Day Ever
Laverne and Shirley appear on television as part of a Latvian acrobatic act in an effort to help Lenny and Squiggy's new talent agency.

136 - It Only Hurts When I Breathe
Laverne and Shirley reminisce about high school days only to find themselves embroiled in a slugfest that leaves Laverne with a broken jaw.

137 - I Wonder What Became of Sal
Laverne's old boyfriend Sal, who she almost married in Milwaukee, comes to California looking for her. Now Sal is a successful millionaire businessman and he once again proposes to Laverne.

138 - Teenage Lust
The girls attend a wild fraternity party and find out they're not as young as they used to be.

139 - The Defiant One*
Shirley finds herself mistakenly handcuffed to a bankrobber who is forced to take her with him when he escapes from the police.

140 - Night at the Awards
When Lenny and Squiggy invade the backstage of a televised awards show, they suddenly find themselves in the middle of the stage with Joey Heatherton.

141 - Some Enchanted Earring
Laverne accidentally loses one of her mother's diamond earrings.

142 - Moving In
Laverne moves in with her new boyfriend but begins to have second thoughts after having a talk with Lenny.

143 - Friendly Persuasion*
While wrapping in Bardwell's one day, Charles Grodin comes in and chats with the girls. Laverne mistakenly thinks he's asking her out and invites him over for dinner. Guest star: Charles Grodin

144 - I Do, I Don't**
Shirley tries to get Carmine to marry her after she is provided with a free wedding reception.

145 - Love is the Tar Pits
Squiggy is jealous of Lenny's new girlfriend.

146 - Watch the Fur Fly*
After Shirley yells at Rhonda for wearing a coat made of animal fur, Laverne unknowingly sets Shirley up on a date with a furrier. Guest star: Jeff Goldblum

147 - Rocky Ragu
Carmine auditions for a movie role as a boxer.

148 - Star Peepers
The girls vow to get revenge on a singing star who was rude to them at Bardwell's. They figure the way to get revenge is to take incriminating pictures of him and sell them to a tabloid.

149 - An Affair to Forget*
Laverne is dating a guy but doesn't know that he is married. He takes her to a restaurant for dinner and his wife shows up. Not wanting his wife to know he's there on a date, he throws Laverne in the big aquarium which is in the restaurant. Guest star: Angelica Huston

150 - Class of '56*
Laverne, Shirley and Carmine go back to Milwaukee to attend their high school reunion. What they don't know, however is that the gang back home thinks that the girls are famous movie stars and that Carmine is a famous Las Vegas singer.

151 - Ski Show
Laverne and Shirley go on a weekend skiing trip in order to meet guys.

152 - Helmut Weekend
Squiggy's long lost father suddenly shows up and wants to spend time with his son.

153 - Lightning Man
Carmine finds fame after being struck by lightning.

154 - Crime Isn't Pretty
Frank and Carmine set up booby traps in the girl's apartment to try and catch a burglar who has been breaking into the apartment and stealing things.

155 - That's Entertainment
Frank and Carmine argue about whether today's music is better or worse than the music of yesteryear.

156 - Perfidy in Blue
When Shirley loses Laverne's favorite purse, she is afraid to tell her because she didn't ask if she could borrow it.

157 - The Mummy's Bridge
Shirley marries Walter Meeney. This is the last episode with Cindy Williams.

158 - Window on Main Street
The girls agree to live in Bardwell's main show window for a weekend in order to demonstrate the 'House Of The Future'.

159 - The Note
Laverne gets depressed and then angry after she finds a very short note from Shirley saying that she's left to go overseas with her husband. Things turn out okay after Laverne finds the rest of Shirley's note.

160 - Lost in Spacesuits
Laverne gets a job at an aerospace plant.

161 - The Playboy Show
Laverne competes for one opening to be a Playboy bunny. Guest stars: Carrie Fisher, Hugh Hefner. This episode was directed by Michael McKean.

162 - Death Row Part 1
Laverne makes friends with a group of people, but doesn't realize they are really a gang who plan to rob a bank. She goes to the bank with them thinking it's only to get the new dishes the bank is giving away with every new account. When she realizes what is actually happening it's too late because the police have already arrived and Laverne is handcuffed, along with the rest of the gang, and is carted off to jail. Guest star: Laraine Newman

163 - Death Row Part 2
While waiting to be booked at the police station for the bank robbery, Laverne and her new 'friend' are mistaken for murderers who were on the run. They are both sentenced to be executed at midnight that night. Guest star: Anne Ramsey

164 - Jinxed
When Laverne is convinced that she is jinxed after refusing to answer a chain letter, her friends send a gypsy to help her. Guest star: Carol Kane

165 - Of Mice and Men
Laverne's plan to restore her cowardly boyfriends self-confidence backfires. Guest star: James Belushi

166 - The Gymnast
Laverne is convinced that the former trapeze artist she's been dating is out to kill her. Guest star:Adam West

167 - The Monastery Show
Laverne, upset with the way her life has been going, asks if she can stay at a convent for a couple of weeks to try and sort things out. Guest star: Louise Lasser

168 - Defective Ballet
When Squiggy is held captive after being mistaken for Boris, a Russian dancer, Laverne joins the dance troupe to rescue her friend - and they perform a wild rendition of "Swan Lake" together.

169 - The Baby Show
Sgt. Plout once again shows up on Laverne's doorstep. This time she is pregnant and looking for a place to stay. Sgt. Plout goes into labor and delivers her baby at a funeral home.

170 - Rock and Roll Show
Laverne serves as manager for a group of musicians. Squiggy joins the action by getting them a rock 'n' roll gig.

171 - The Fashion Show
Jealous of all the beautiful girls her new photographer boyfriend takes pictures of, Laverne goes to a fashion show where he is working and ends up being one of the models in the show. Guest star: Angelica Huston

172 - Short on Time
When Frank finds a note from Edna saying that she has left him, he goes to Laverne's to talk to her about it. Laverne, who doesn't know that Edna has left, asks her father to stay at the apartment and baby-sit Little Chucky, a chimp, because she has a chance to sing with 'The Spinners'. While singing with the group, she feels guilty about leaving her father, rushes back home and learns about Edna leaving. Guest stars:The Spinners

173 - Ghost Story
Laverne and the gang gather in an attempt to rid Laverne's apartment of an odd ghost that has suddenly taken up residence.

174 - Please Don't Feed the Buzzards
Lenny and Squiggy find a treasure map and convince Frank and Carmine to go with them to search for gold.

175 - How's Your Sister
Squiggy's bizarre sister, Squendolyn, arrives for a visit and ends up moving in with Laverne and falling for Carmine.

176 - Do the Carmine
Carmine gets a chance to sing his new hit record on television. Guest star: Jay Leno

177 - Councilman De Fazio
Laverne and pals do some hectic campaigning when Frank decides to run against an unscrupulous man for the post of city councilman.

178 - Here Today, Hair Tomorrow
Laverne and the gang bid farewell to Carmine, who is determined to find stardom in Broadway musicals.