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Laverne & Shirley: A Fan Site
Edna: Tenant Queen


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Living in an apartment building might not always fun, but when you got Mrs.Babbish as a landlady and Lenny & Squiggy for neighbors, it never gets dull in Milwaukee!!
Mrs.Babbish makes an excellent landlady too! Animals are fine to have (although horses might cause a problem) and money is no object- pay in Monopoly money if you have to!! Shes reasonable when it comes to money, and shes always fixing the place up. So give Edna a call and tell her you want any vacant apartment because you're moving to Milwaukee!!

On-call band!!
Live entertainment!

There's always something to do when you live in a Milwaukee apartment building tended by none other than Mrs.B!

Look! A mineshaft!!
Dig for gold!

You're three weeks late in your rent.

Its Richie and Potsie!
Neighbors drop in to say Hi.