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Happy Days


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Welcome to the best Happy Days fan site!

Sit back and relax. You're in the Happy Days world now. Look around and find things you've never found before. Ralph's one-liners, Fonzie's dating advice, even stroll down to Mr.Cunninghams hardware store!
I have provided links to other Happy Days related websites, and on one page you will find my other page dedicated to Laverne & Shirley. Ayyyy


J.29- Grand opening of website.
A.1- Added counter, guestbook, and poll. Get the hint-USE IT.
A.3- Added some more sound files to pages.
Put more pics on pages to jazz it up.
Added more to Milwaukee Journal and the "Extra" page.
Put up picture of Arnolds drawing and gave it its own page (Arnolds). Check that one out.
Added ExtraExtra page
A.4- Deleted Happy Days FanFic site and copied the story to a new page on this one.
Added Where Are They Nows?
A.5- Added 2 new pages: Tenant Arcola and Sit On It
Added message board to Sit on It
Added pictures and info for The Fonzettes
Uploaded more pictures to Sit On It, Tenant Arcola, Arnolds, Inspiration Point, & The Band
Updated Milwaukee Journal
A.13 Yikes! Its been awhile since I've updated this thing. Anyways, lets get started.
Added pictures to random pages
Updated Milwaukee Journal
Going to ATTEMPT to add soundfiles..wish me luck!
Add Fonzettes
Attempted to add frames. It got ugly. However, it only took me a week, but I now added two links to my other pages on the home page. Dig in!
Add a new page just for YOU. Check it out.
A.15- Same as A.13
Added marquees to jazz up pages.
Add new page.
Added new pictures
Changed Sit On It page to The Bathroom Wall page- also changed it around.
A.19- Tripod has been nothing but trouble, so I have to copy and paste everything to a new page!
Updated Milwaukee Journal
D.10- Yes, its true. It has been 4 months since Ive updated this thing. Please be gentle- we're all human. Anyways, due to my bad updating skills (or, lack of) I am updating just about every page. So have fun!
J.14- Added 3 new pages: Happy Days Mafia, Wanted: ALF, and Destroy Facts Of Life. Enjoy.
J.15- Overlooked and updated pages. Have fun everyone.

Christmas is just around the corner!!!
Ho! Ho! Ho!