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Happy Days Fan Fic
The Case of the Missing Jacket: A Fonzie Story

My Happy Days website
My Happy Days website
My Happy Days website
The Case of the Missing Jacket: A Fonzie Story
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The Day Ralph Got No Laughs

Thanks to: CameraQueen, FonzFan, TheFonz, Wayne, & Leicbbmakauai for contributing to the story!! Hopefully this wont be the last!

As soon as Richie walked in, he knew something was up. The jukebox wasnt playing and Ralph & Potsie looked upset. Richie asked what was wrong and Ralph pointed to Fonzies office. Richie walked into the guys room and was surprised at what he saw......
...Fonzie was propped up against the sink, looking in the mirror, visably upset.
"Fonz," Richie asked. "What's wrong?"
"I have some bad news, Red," Fonzie said glumly.
"What is it?"
Fonzie sighed. "I lost my..."
...I Lost My Leather Jacket "you lost your leather jacket" Richie replyed. "YES I LOST IT" said fonzie. "how did you lose it" richie asked. "i don't know i must have missplaced it or something" Replyed fonzie. ...I Lost My Leather Jacket "you lost your leather jacket Fonz" Richie replyed. "YES I LOST IT" said fonzie. "how did you lose it" richie asked. "i don't know i must have missplaced it or something" Replyed fonzie. "when was the last time you saw it?" Said Richie. "Well Let's See, I Had Just Came Home From A Date With Paula Petrolunga, I Changed into my P.Js Hung My Jacket Up In The Closet, Brushed my pearly whites And went to bed, And when i woke up it was gone" Fonzie Said
....well, that doesnt make any sense Fonz. You never take that thing off. Think Fonz, Im sure you can find it. When was the last time you had it?
"At my place, I was with the Hooper Triplets."
"Well, thats it Fonzie! Lets go!!"
"No, Cunningham, its not there, I checked. How can I be the Fonz without my jacket?? Its like the Lone Ranger without Tonto--it just aint right!"
"You mean without his mask, Fonzie"
"No, I meant Tonto...I know I would never steal the Lone Rangers mask."
"So you think someone stole it Fonzie?"..........."No Red, I don't think it was stolen. This is much worse. It was kidnapped!" Fonzie exclaimed.
"Fonz, only people can be kidnapped, not jackets." Richie said.
"That jacket was like a baby to me. My jacket and my bike...they're my children!"
"Ah. Well, okay, who do you think kidnapped it?"
"I don't know. But I know who may have an idea."
"Oh yeah? Who?"
"Joanie and Jenny. They were sleeping out in your yard in a pup tent last night, doing a project on astrology..."
"Astronomy, Fonz." Richie corrected.
"I knew that," Fonz said. "Anyway, if anyone snuck into my apartment last night, they would've seen it, right?"
"Ok, let's go."
"Where?" Richie asked.
"To find Joanie and Jenny!"
Fonzie and Richie scurried out of the bathroom-- they were out on a mission.
"Where you going Fonzie?" Potsie asked.
"To find my jacket! Ayy!"
"Well, lets go Pots and help." Ralph told Potsie.
The four of them took off to find Joanie and Jenny.
*****at the Cunninghams house*****
"Where is she? Where is shortcake?!" Fonzie asked...sounding nervous.
"Fonzie...its just a jacket, besides Im sure if anyone finds it theyll give it back. Your the Fonz." Ralph replied.
"I know, but some people like to glom things. Glomming aint cool! Red,I need some paper and a marker. Im posting Wanted signs throughout town."
"Fonzie, dont you think youre getting out of hand? Its only been an hour!" Richie replied.
"Out of hand?? Red, this is more than a jacket. Its about the principle. The principle of my jacket! Woah!"
"Hey, Fonzie maybe you're wearing it all along. Like when people forget their glasses are on their heads." Potsie suggested.
"You are such a Potsie!" Ralph boasted. "Besides, I thought of that twenty minutes ago."
"Shortcake... Shortcake" Fonzie Yelled
Mrs. C Comes Down The Stairs
"Oh Hello Boys Joanie's Not Here Right Now She Went To Arnold's With Jenny"
"Ok Come On Guys, To Arnolds!"
"Were Are you guys going to in such a hirry" Said Mrs. C
"No Time To Talk Mrs C" Said Fonzie....
"Is this about your leather jacket, Arthur?" Marion asked.
The four guys stopped short and made a u-turn right back into the house.
"Mom?" Richie asked. "What do you know about fonzie's jacket?
"Well, I overheard Joanie talking on the phone to chachi before she left with Jenny. I didin't hear the entire conversation, I just caught bits and pieces. You know how hard it is when you're scurrying about, dusting and such, and especially wind chimes because they make so much noise - "
"Oh, right. Joanie told Chachi that she saw someone leaving Fonzie's apartment in the middle of the night. Or was it entering his apartment? I'm not sure. When she got to that part I was running the vaccum..."
"Ok, thanks mom!"
"Alright, let's go! I'm going to get to the bottom of this with Shortcake right now!" Fonzie said as they left the house and headed down to Arnolds.
Richie fonzie potsie and ralph enter arnold's
"There They Are Fonz" Said Potsie
"SHORTCAKE JENNY" Yelled Fonzie.
"Gotta run!" Jenny said as she took off unnoticed.
"Thanks a lot Jenny!" Joanie yelled back, now all alone.
"Uhhh...Shortcake, I understand you know something about the disapearance of my jacket."
"Yes Fonzie."
"I cant say Fonzie!"
"What do you mean you cant say? Tell me now Shortcake..its a matter of life and death."
"Oh Fonzie! I just cant!" Joanie cried as she ran off upset.
"I dont believe that kid. I have to hit something."
"Here Fonzie, hit this." Ralph said, pushing Potsie in front of Fonzie.
"Not a bad idea, maybe later though, I need to go after Joanie and get my jacket!"
"Fonzie, be gentle...shes my kid sister."
"Cunningham, Im just gonna ask her very calmly on the whereabouts of my jacket. Nothing more, nothing less."
"Ok Fonzie, Ill come too." Richie replied.
"Hey Fonzie..afraid she ate your taffy?? Ha ha ha...I still got it, even during a robbery."
"Sorry Fonz. I was only joking..Im sure youll get your jacket back soon."
"Ok No Time For Talking We Gotta Go Find Shortcake"
They all leave arnold's
******The Cunningham house******
The Gang Comes in the back door
"Mrs. C"
"Yes Arthur?"
"Were is joanie"
"Oh She Is Up Stairs studying"
"Thanks Mrs C"
The Gang Walks Upstairs
They knock on joanie's door
"Shortcake are you in there"
"Come on joanie i know your in there" Said Richie.
They open the door
Joanie is laying on her bed
"shortcake i know you know something about my jacket now spit it out
"Come on fonzie you said you wouldnt be hard on her. she's only 13 1/2..."Actually, Richie, I'm 16!" Joanie said.
"Wow..."Richie got a distant look in his eyes. "Where does all the time go?"
"Excuse me!" Fonzie snapped his fingers in front of Richie's face, snapping him out of his reverie. "Can we reminice later please? I want to know what happened to my jacket!"
"Ok, Fonzie, I'll tell you, but you have to promise not to get mad."
"Of course not, Shortcake. I would never get mad at you."
"No, not me. Chachi."
"Why? What does Chachi have to do with this?"
"He has your jacket." Joanie said.
"Ooooohhh!" Ralph, Potsie, and Richie collectively moaned, knowing Chachi was in deep trouble.
"Chachi took my jacket?!" Fonz asked, clenching his fists.
"No...I didn't say that. I just said he has your jacket."
"Wow," Potsie said, "This is getting better than Dragnet." Mrs. C: I have a confession about...
Rich: About what?
Fonz: My leather jacket?
Mrs. C: Yes, I took it to....
Fonz: to where?
Ralph: Dramatic isn't it?
Mrs. C I took it to...
Potsie: to where?
Mrs.C: the cleaners!
Fonz: the cleaners?
Mrs. C. Yes the cleaners. you see there was a lipstick stain on it & I know you're a neatnick Arthur. It must have happened when you took the Polaski twins to Inspiration Point.
Fonz: then off we go to the cleaners!
Mrs. C: It won't be due until tommorrow!
Mr. C: how much did it cost?
Mrs. C: a buck fifty!
Ralph: you bought a deer? I still got it!
Potsie : ( laughs) Great one, Malph, great
Ralph : THanks
Fonzie : Alriht, off to ithe cleaners
at the cleaners
Fonzie : Alright, where is my jacket?
Man : What? A hood?
Fonzie : A hood is part of a car, my name is fonzie and I am looknig for my jacket
Man : Where is it?
Fonzie : Tell me, jack, or i'll punch your face in
Man : OKay ( gives it to him )
Fonzie : Thank you!
at the house
( Ralph bumps into a wall
Potsie : Malph, what that on your arm? ( points to scratch)
Ralph : JUst a flesh wound, I still got it
Potse : Malph, Monty Python and the Holy GRail is not out yet
Ralph : Right
Fonzie: Boy Red You Don't know how good it feels to have my jacket back!
Richie: Yeah... What Do You Say We All Go Down To Arnold's?
Fonzie: Sure
Potsie: I'm In
Ralph: yeah
Richie (To Joanie) - If Mom Asks Tell Her We're At Arnolds
Joanie: Okay
the gang walks out the back door
Al: Hi Guys the usual?
Richie: Yeah
Fonzie: you notice aything different al?
Al: Hmmm... Lets see... You found your jacket!!!!
Fonzie: correctamundo, It turned out Mrs. C Just Took it to the cleaners!
Al: That's Good... Well I Gotta Go Clarence Is Calling
Al: Coming...
Al Walks Away
Fonzie walks over to the jukebox hits it lightly and Jonnie B. Goode By Chuck Berry Starts Playing

* I know some of the story might be a little confusing-- thats because we all wrote not knowing who would write next, so we all put our own creative ideas into the story, resulting in a little confusion- but all around a WONDERFUL story!


Im just as surprised as you are! Someone GLOMMED Fonzies jacket!